Estimation of Demand for Supplementary Reading Material Among Students in Pune

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Estimation of Demand for Supplementary Reading Material among students in Pune

Prepared For:

Mr. S. V. Godbole


March 2007


To estimate the demand for supplementary reading material for students (Medical and MBA) in Pune.

Time for the project
i) Total time: July 2006 to February 2007
ii) Fieldwork time: 25 days (January 2007)


1) To estimate the demand for supplementary reading material for the next one year among the students (Medical and MBA) in Pune city.
2) To find reasons for borrowing/sharing supplementary reading material. 3) To find areas of interest in readership.

Operational Definitions

▪ Estimation of Demand: done by intention to buyer’s survey in the next one year. ▪ Supplementary Reading Material (SRM): is an addition to the curriculum. These include periodicals and journals in English both in print and digital format. ▪ Student: MBBS and MBA students.

▪ Borrowing: from the library and peers, seniors, etc. There is no money spent on the individual units. ▪ Sharing: among friends, where the person pays a part of the amount spent on purchasing the units. ▪ Areas of interest: The subject different from the specialization of the respondent. This subject should be in tandem with the definition of SRM.

Exploratory Study

The exploratory research was conducted using two methods:

Case Study

The case study was prepared by Book Marketing Limited (London) for Publishers Association in 2003. The research objective of the case study was to conduct a study of information sources and book buying behavior of students.

The objective of studying the case study was to gain an insight on the sample size and characteristics, the research methodology selected and the theories implemented during the research.

Focus Group Interview

Number of focus group interviews: 1
The objective was to help in determining the sampling design and the locations for conducting the interviews.

Research Design

Questionnaire Design: Structured, undisguised
Survey Method: Respondents were contacted in college premises. Sampling Design: Quota sampling
The sample consisted of 138 respondents of which 48 were MBBS students and 90 were MBA students. Respondents are MBBS students (private and government colleges) and MBA students (first and second year).


MBBS Students

Sample size: 48
No significant statistical difference in the intended demand to purchase SRM in the next one year between MBBS students of private and non-private colleges is observed. [Ref. Table]

The total intended demand lies in Rs. 0 to Rs. 729 with 95% confidence.[Ref. Table].

There are 42% respondents who do not purchase SRM and claim cost effectiveness as the main reason for borrowing/sharing SRM. [Ref. Figure].

There is no clear preference for any particular area of interest though Technological Advancements and Equipments lead with 25%. [Ref. Table].

MBA Students

Sample size: 90

Significant statistical difference in the intended demand of SRM in the next one year between MBA students of the first year and the second year is observed. [Ref Table]

The total intended demand on SRM lies in the range Rs 0 to Rs 401. [Ref Table]

There are 76% respondents who claim that cost effectiveness is the main reason for not purchasing. The next in order of importance are low frequency of reading and unavailability. One respondent may have recorded more than one reason. [Ref. Figure]

There is no clear area of preference for readership of SRM though Marketing and Finance lead the choice of preference. [Ref. Figure]


I would like to express my special gratitude to Mr. S.V. Godbole, Professor of Applied Marketing Research, for his guidance and valuable insights. His in depth knowledge and teaching...
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