Esther Elaine Paddock

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Esther Elaine Paddock was born as Esther Elaine Goddard on November 25, 1931. She was in New Berlin, New York. Esther’s parents were Doris Goddard and Lewis Goddard. Her sibling was Walter Edward Goddard. Esther lived on a hill. Esther started school when she was 5 years old. She attended Leonardsville Central School. This was a small updated school. Esther walked to school. Reading was Esther’s favorite subject. Esther enjoyed playing sports in school. The punishment used by her teacher was a ruler to her bottom. Esther enjoyed learning how to cook. As a child, Esther liked putting puzzles together. She also liked to play with dolls and read books. As a child, Esther liked to play as a cheerleader. She also listened to the radio and sat at her grandmother’s bar. As chore, she had to get the wood, cook supper, do the dishes, clean the house, and feed the animals. She didn’t receive an allowance. The most important holiday in Esther’s family was Christmas. She celebrated this holiday with family get-togethers. Esther received a doll as a gift. For holiday celebrations, she ate turkey, gravy, potatoes, vegetables, fixings, and pie. Esther’s job was farming. Her favorite job was working at the knitting mill. Esther and her spouse met when filling a tractor with gas. They liked to go dancing together. Her children’s names are Doris and Lewis. Esther remembers when Lewis climbed on the house roof at the age of 3. Traveling is something Esther would like to do but hasn’t done so, yet. When Esther was growing up, World War II took place. The television was invented during Esther’s life. Now her family has more entertainment.
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