The Role Of Irony In The Book Of Esther

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Stories can teach you many important subjects in life that can lead you forward into the life story you are creating. Courage is something a lot of us have but we have it hidden inside us only to use when we need to the most. In addition to courage comes irony one of the flaws life has in store for people who act always on their words. Furthermore comes hypocrisy when someone claims something is wrong, but does it themselves formerly leading to that person to lose respect from others. Provided that the book of Esther captures over all many meaningful and important lessons can be learned from other's actions in a story.
You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. In the story Esther a man named Mordecai refused to bow down to his king like all the others. Mordecai’s courage was there to help him at that moment because he knew that if he does not bow to the king, he would be killed. When Mordecai’s people the Jews knew that the plan to kill them couldn’t be lifted by the king, they fought knowing they may die. Not only does...

The book of Esther show that people can accomplish the impossible with courage and the courage of others, for an act oneself can cause a greater action in others. With irony being the cause of many life mistakes it is also an experience for others, often a process of learning the truth. Hypocrisy can be the downfall of a man with it come the lost of respect for yourself and the lost of respect of others that once gave you that respect, and with some being powerful people can lead to the death of many innocent people. In the end these three aspects controlled or were controlled by these men and woman but In the life you are creating and leading will you control, courage, irony and Hypocrisy, or will they end controlling...
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