Essay On Wildfires

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Earth, Climate change, Climate / Pages: 2 (462 words) / Published: May 29th, 2016
Wildfires are a very powerful and destructive for the ecosystem surrounding it. However, wildfires have positive aspects too. A wildfire is known as wildland fires, forest fire, vegetation fire, peat fire, bushfire(in Australia) or hill fire across the world. Uncontrolled fire often occur in wildland, but also could occur in houses or agricultural resources. Wildfires could be unnoticed at the beginning, but it could spread quickly igniting trees and houses etc. It could originate in any place of the Earth( Uncontrolled blazes are fuelled by weather and dry bushes. It burns everything on it’s path and often burn acres and acres in mere minutes. It could be triggered by fuel, oxygen or heat source. Most wildfires has an average rate of burning 23km/h( most common causes of wildfires are including, lightning, human carelessness, arson, volcano eruption, pyroclastic from active volcano. Wildfires becomes worse when the Santa Ana winds come towards it. Santa Ana winds are hot gusts of winds that aggregates the fire and helps the fire to spread faster. ( Wildfires has many catastrophic consequences on humans, animals as well as other plants. Forest fires releases biomass smoke which is bad for humans and animals who live in the …show more content…
It helps nature by burning dead and decaying matter in the soil, acts as a disinfectant by removing diseased plants and harmful infectants from the surrounding ecosystem, makes seedlings grow faster, burns debris which prevents more trees from growing, removes parasites from trees and help new trees grow easily. ( They consume vegetation that would otherwise make an ideal environment for a catastrophic fire if it is dried and prevents overgrown vegetation. Hence, wildfire have many advantages too.

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