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Essay on Teacher

By dania2006 Nov 22, 2010 1067 Words


What Makes a Good Teacher

Every person has their own opinion of what a good teacher is. For me, the best kind of teacher is someone who enjoys the subject they are teaching. They generally care for their students, and want to see them succeed in their class. At the begining of each school year I would always be excited to see who my teachers were going to be. I would hope for someone who would make the classroom a fun place to be but still teach me things at the same time. I needed a teacher who could explain things to me clearly, and help me out until I fully understood. A teacher who loves their job and trys to make learning fun is definitely the best kind of teacher. I found these qualities in teacher helped me learn more and made me actually want to come to school every morning.

Many of the teachers' I had in school were not always pleasant during class. This made me think that many of them did not like the class they were teaching and were not always happy to be there. When a teacher acts like this, it makes me think that they do not enjoy the subject they are teaching. When I was in eleventh grade I had a class called environmental studies. The women that teached this class was always happy to see us, her student's, everyday. She was always enthusiastic about her class and wanted us to care, as much as she did, about the environment. One day in class she had us pick an outdoor place that we loved to visit. For me this was a place where my family own a house, on a lake, in maine. Then she would explain to us what would happen to these places if we did not stop hurting the environment with pollution and such things. This, for me, really hit hard because I was devestated to think that one day this place would no longer exsist. This teacher always made me think hard about things I could do to help save the environment. Because of this teacher and how enthusiastic she was about her class, I recycle every week and want to help save the environment. When a teacher is this devoted to the subject they are teaching and loves the work they do, I really get drawn into a subject and really want to learn in that class.

For me a teacher that cares for their students' and wants to see them succeed is the very best. This means that they will offer any help they can to someone who needs it. During my highshcool years I had a sleeping disorder which caused me to miss many classes in the morning. On top of that, I also have fibromialga which cause me to have chronic neck pain. So, many days out of the year I was home sick. A lot of the teachers I had just shrugged this probelm off. They just thought I was making this disease I had up so I would not have to come to school. When the work load started to pile up, most of my teachers' said good luck and sent me on my way. They thought that it was my fault for missing so many classes and I should just deal with it on my own. But one teacher I had seemed to understand my problem more than the others. She would allow me to come see her any day after shcool that I need to, to help me with make up my work. She would always say, "Kristen, you are not leaving here until I am sure you understand the subject at hand." This really showed me how much she cared about me and my education. I ended up excelling in this one particular class. I needed more teachers like this so that whenever I needed some extra help, they would be there to give it to me. This quality in a teacher is hard to find. I feel when a teacher cares about the welfare of their students' and wants to help them succeed, they are really a good teacher.

When a teacher made the class room a fun place to learn, I really enjoyed going to that particular class. I always hated english class and I could never get good grades because I was horrible at that subject. But in my freshman year of highschool, I had an english class with a teacher who always made learning english fun. When we had a vocabulary test coming up she would have us study at home and then during class the next day, we would play a game. The teacher would call out a word and the first person to correctly write down the definition of the word would win. You would get a peice of candy everytime you had the correct answer. For me studying was very hard and I could never seem to remember anything that was on the test the next day. I would always forget the vocabulary words and end up failing the test. But whenever we played the vocabulary game, I would always get a good grade on the test because I could remember things better. Making the classroom a fun place to be is, in my opinion, one of the greatest qualities a teacher can have.

As you can probably tell I did not have the easiest time dealing with school in my highschool years, but with the help of a few very good teachers I was able to graduate and move onto my college education. Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a good teacher because everyone has their own learning style. For me, a good teacher is someone who loves their job and cares about their students'. They really want them to learn and succeed in their class, and they always make learning fun. A good teacher is very hard to find. I think that the learning techniques that a good teacher uses in a classroom can be taken with you and help you out later in your life. Whether I am in college or starting a new job, I know that because of the good teachers I was so fortunate to have, I will succeed at my goals in life.

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