The Relationship Between Student and Teacher

Topics: Education, Observation, Teacher Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: December 4, 2013
The Relationship between Students and Teachers
If students have a better relationship with their teachers, then they will have a better time in class. There are many reasons why I choose to do this observation. One reason is because many students feel as if their teacher does not understand them. However, in the observation that I am about to describe, students who connect better with their teacher have a better time in class.

In my class I observed how my classmates interact with their teacher and how it affect them in class. Most students who had a very chilled teacher had a very loud class. The teacher would teach their lesson and the students would pay attention. After, the teaching was over the students would interact with each other and the teacher. I realized that most teachers who were honest and didn’t really act like a teacher students felt more comfortable. For example, the girl with the curly hair asked the pale pink cheeked teacher what he does when he gets home. His responds was playing Grand Theft Auto. Knowing this, many of the guy students come in every day and asked about what level he has accomplished. Many of the girls would joke with him and ask about his love life. He responds as if he doesn’t mind talking about his personal life. Students that I observed and interviewed said that he was very honest and that’s what they expect from their teachers. The teacher with the blue eyes and very soothing voice helped my light and skinny friend with her relationship. As she sat at his desk sobbing her story to him, he soothed her with his voice and gave her the wisdom to confront the problem and be the strong one in her relationship. With other students seeing this, gave them the ability to trust their teacher with not only school work but also with personal life situations. Many students come his class and talk about everything, from what they ate for dinner to who twerk the best in videos. Whenever you go in his class students are learning but...
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