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What is Gentleman? A Definition of Gentleman

Gentleman a person who never inflicts to pain, who never cries, who never shows hardship. This description are said to be true and refined. But seeing them crying, inflict with pain doesn’t mean they’re not a gentleman anymore! Because everybody cries, everybody feels pain. It is just that gentleman carefully avoids whatever may cause something embarrassing to the minds of whom he interact with. Usually gentlemen always open for any criticism Gentleman does not give up easily on a certain task given or assigned. But each in every one of us is different, nobody is perfect. Even how much we kept on hiding such thing we feel still it comes out, we just don’t want to show it to everyone. Thus, a true meaning of gentleman are those people who strongly believed in God, those person who Thinks positively, because it’s God who gave us strength to hold and struggle in life in order to live.

Darkness at Noon

He was blind since he was born and never had an opportunity to see this beautiful world even himself. But use it to pursue and study harder until he finished cum laude from Harvard. Attempting for employment took much harder; it is because of his disability. Fortunately, on April 16, 1976 the dep’t of labor regulated opportunities for the handicapped since then expectation that is certain come, he was employed and served as notes of law review and also garnered several awards for excellence in writing. This is an example of a man pursue along with his disability in life to get and achieve his goal. Confidence and endurance takes place in order to cope up with the people around him and battle for survival. He proved to us that disability has no place for those who definitely believed that they could do it, achieve their goals.

Of Studies

Studying is delighters, a pleasure to learn something old and something new, to gain ability. Different people study for their own purposes. Some spending too much time for...
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