Literary Masterpieces in Contemporary Society

Topics: Literature, Fiction, Writing Pages: 4 (1430 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Literary Masterpieces in Contemporary Society
April Clark, Kristi Garcia, Deatrice Dale, & Darlene Powell
December 3, 2012
Daphne Matthews
Literary Masterpieces in Contemporary Society

Literary masterpieces are known to withstand the test of time. The passing of years, government movements, and the changing of ideas as the world grows older literary masterpieces still strive on. Literary masterpieces come in all forms; semantics, poetry (literary form), Short stories, and literature (Translations). Literary Masterpieces need an indivisible translation; even then they are still hard to understand. “Their sheer integrity and value should be protected from any unnecessarychanges in their shape and meaning (Brajerska-Mazur, A. (2005).”Literary masterpieces speak of not only have explicit events that have befallen to a single character. Literary masterpieces all possess a magnificent prose, a figurative character, a mythic description, a mythic structure, and specificity. Literary Masterpieces also will form a character based on beliefs, creating a character that are resounding and dimensional. These characters that are created for literary masterpieces also are memorable and have clearly defined heroic qualities. Figurative Characters own two abilities which at no time may fail one another if the Masterpiece is to remain consistent. The first, a individuality of being that will clearly define the uniqueness of the character in their place, time, and situation; and the second, a wholeness of quality that will have them identified as the hero, the Mother, the Warrior, the King, or the Maiden. Characters as Beowulf had these qualities. He was a hero; Beowulf selflessly offered his services to King Hrothgar to battle the kingdoms demons. After Beowulf returned to the Greatland he refused to steal the throne after his Uncle King Hygelac had passed away, this was a noble act.

Contemporary literature has the ability to compare the essence...
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