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Exam Objective
This exam evaluates the degree to which the student can successfully construct a four-paragraph expository essay (introduction, two body paragraphs, and conclusion), as well as revise and edit their essay using a rubric and pre-established classroom criteria. The student should present a perspective on American values using logically sound and grammatically correct paragraphs, basing their reasoning on clearly stated themes and concrete, illustrative examples. The produced paragraphs will be evaluated from 0 to 5 based on three categories: organization and structure, content and development, and process and linguistic accuracy. The overall exam grade will be the average of these three scores. Exam Administration

Aug 26th: Brainstorming, Planning, and Writing. Students receive the essay question, brainstorm, plan/organize, and begin writing their answer. At the end of this class period the students should upload their outlines and thesis statements for the essay. Aug 28th: Writing. Students write their exams. At the end of this class period the students should upload their first draft for the essay. Feb 24th: Revising, Editing, Evaluation: Students revise and edit their essays according to the rubric. At the end of this class period the students should upload their final drafts for the essay, with tracked changes. Post exam: Teachers may hold sessions during class hours to present exam results and/or to discuss final class grades. The same may be accomplished in office hours.

Attendance to all three sessions is mandatory. If the student misses one of the sessions without a valid excuse, his/her exam will be annulled.

Write your essay as a Word document with the following specifications: •Name and section
Font size 12

***It is the student’s responsibility to save a back-up copy of the essay.

The essay must have:
A title
An introduction
Two body paragraphs
A conclusion...
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