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As children we spent most of our lives exploring and learning new things with the help of our parents. There are some memories very vague but others that we will remember for the rest of our lives. These memorable moments could be the simplest to most complex things but as children they were a big deal to us. A childhood journey that I find extraordinarily memorable was the time I went to England with my parents because I traveled across the globe and I experienced different adventures.

The time I went to England was a memory I will treasure forever because it was the first time I traveled to a different continent. I was in fifth grade when we underwent this trip which made me the coolest kid in class so that really made the trip important to me. We arrived at the airport to find out that my dad needed a VISA since he was not a citizen of the US, this forced us to delay our trip and fly to New York for 3 days. After that issue was resolved we finally flew to England. The flight took about 8 hours. During the flight we ate dinner and breakfast on the plane, I recall the food not being that great especially being a picky child. We also had to sleep on the plane which can be very uncomfortable for more than an hour. I also remember having to share the minuscule bathroom with my mom to brush our teeth. Following the lengthy flight we finally reached our destination, England. Clearly, traveling to another continent is a memory I will never forget.

Another reason I will cherish this trip throughout my life is because we encountered new adventures. The country seemed pretty similar to the United States but as we were getting onto the car my dad entered what he thought was the passenger seat but came to see it was really the drivers seat. Not only are the steering wheels on the opposite sides of the car but they drive on the opposite side of the road as well. We stayed at my dad’s friend’s house while our stay. This house had 4 stories including the basement, this...
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