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Explain how obtaining an MBA at the McCombs School of Business will assist you in achieving your personal and/or professional life goals. Why is now the best time for you to pursue this degree?
My long-term career goal is to manage a high-tech company in the field of electronics and communications. With over six years of experience in the technical aspects of high-tech product development, I bring considerable technical knowledge to this task, and hope to compliment this knowledge with a firm understanding of business fundamentals provided by the McCombs School of Business. My personal background is no less of an asset, as it allows me to understand people and business issues from a unique and mature perspective.

I grew up in India and obtained a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Electrical Science from Delhi University. After that I attended the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and earned a second Masters degree in the field of laser technology.

My professional career began in 1995 when I was hired by HCL-Hewlett Packard to work on computer hardware design in an office outside of Delhi. It was my first direct experience with state-of-the-art technology and the exciting experience convinced me to pursue a career in the high-tech arena. Within nine months, I traveled to the Netherlands to work as a consultant for Tulip Computers NV, then the largest manufacturer of computers in Europe.

After six months abroad, I returned to India but was soon transferred by my parent company to NCR Corporation in South Carolina. Before I could be recalled, I left HCL-Hewlett Packard and looked for another job since I had decided to settle in the United States. I worked briefly for an ill-fated start-up, but left when the company moved its operations to China. I started my current position at American Megatrends, Inc., (AMI) in 1998 and have been employed here for over three years. I’ve been working on high-tech motherboard design and have worked my way up to...
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