Essay Dusk over Atlantic Wharf

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Essay about Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf

Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf was written by Susmitta Bhattacharya, in 2006. It was written in the literary period, Contemporary. In the Contemporary period, stories can deal with, the concern with connections between people. That clearly fits with Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf, since Lata is having a hard time communicating with the people, “She was too afraid to befriend them, not knowing if she would be welcomed, and not knowing if she would be welcomed, and not bothering to find out” The story is about a woman, called Lata who is married to Anuj. Lata and Anuj’s marriage was arranged. They live in Britain. Lata misses her home in India, and is having a hard time adapting to Britain. Anuj takes Lata out to the movies, to see a Bollywood film. The movie takes place in her hometown. She focuses on the background – her hometown, instead of watching the movie. She relived her own life by watching the background. After the movie she feels delighted, watching the movie was like being back in India. That is until she got outside and realized that she was in Britain. The story ends with Lata bursting in tears. She tells Anuj, that she is alright and they should go home. The theme to the story is, adapting to a new culture and making it your own. The story is written in past tense. It is written in chronological form with flashbacks,”Just like those bed sheets back home – after they came back the dhobi..The dhobi had promised to wash Ma’s Linen free of cost for a whole month”. It is told from Lata’s perspective, although she is not the narrator. The narrator is not a person in the story; he is a 3rd person narrator. Lata is an Indian woman who is from India. She is now living in Britain, with her husband, Anuj, they are newlyweds,”My bride is already bored? Look, the mehendi has not yet faded from your palms” She has been living in Britain for 4 months, while her husband, Anuj has been living there for 6 years. “He had lived in...
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