Pretty Woman

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: September 25, 2010
Film Studies proposal

Melodrama. This story surrounds the family members. It is a warm story and will touch people when they are watching. This is a warm and touching story which with a twist and sad ending. This story speaks of the importance of kinship. It tells the audience to treasure their relationship with their loved ones before it’s too late and something unexpected happens. Nowadays, most people are workaholics and they failed to spend time with their family members and without realizing it, a gap has been built between them. Therefore, this story is able to create a sense of awareness on the importance of cherishing the moments with your loved ones.

This story depicts a widow and her daughter, Sadie. Sadie and her mum are both extremely close to each other ever since her father died when she was young. One fine day, Sadie’s mum asked her to walk out to buy some items. On the way there, something unexpected happen….

Objective/ Message
This story is a heartwarming tale that emphasizes on kinship and the importance of your loved ones. * This story shows us the importance of an only daughter to a mother in her life. An amazing mother who showers her daughter with unconditional love and care and is even willing to sacrifice her everything for her daughter. Identically, the daughter’s main goal in life is also to cherish her mother all her life. * This story also brings out the daughter’s importance in everything the mother does when the mother decides on a very perplexed but a firm decision which is revealed in the ending. * This story also majors in the area of feminism. The power of a woman is pictured in the story when a single mother struggles to raise her only daughter alone and sacrifices her time and everything for her.

Target audience
Audience will set to be teenagers which mean 12 and above, because this movie contain .A very strong moral value it remind people appreciated their family when...
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