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Question no.1 – ‘There are many influences that shape our identity. Sometimes the most influential are the least expected.’

* Introduce texts – P.J. Hogan’s 1994 satirical film Muriel’s Wedding and Katy Perry’s 2012 video clip for the pop song Part of Me (italics=thesis) explores how female identity in contemporary society is often shaped by the influence of experiences and relationships with others.

Paragraph 1 (Muriel’s Wedding- before Rhonda):
* Muriel’s influences -
* Bridal dream of Tanya and ‘friends’.
* Limiting views of father and influences from family.
* All unauthentic influences, Muriel relies on these identities due to no sense of self. * Techniques supporting ideas (Must include 3 techniques) – * Opening scene at Tanya’s Wedding-
* Colour symbolism of costuming on bride and brides maids- white bride reflects marriage, purity/innocence, pink brides maids reflect ideal ‘feminine’ woman, girly. * Muriel’s costuming juxtaposes costumes of Tanya and ‘friends’, hyperbolic, sexualized, reflects insecurities and disposition for acceptance. * Dialogue- “don’t be selfish”, irony, lack of respect for Muriel. “What happened to your nose?” childlike, immature, identity unformed, unsure of sense of self. * Family scene at the restaurant-

* Dialogue – “dead weight”, “useless”, reflects limiting external influences from father, coupled with the claustrophobic, cluttered miss-en-scene emphasizes how limiting this unauthentic influence is.

Paragraph 2 (Related text- Part of me- Video clip):
* Link to argument in paragraph 1 with Muriel’s Wedding and related text. * This text rejects the ideas from Muriel’s Wedding and adapts an authentic identity from bouncing back from a bad relationship. The text is about independence and being strong as women and rejecting the ‘rules’ of a patriarchal society. * Techniques supporting idea (Must include 3 Techniques) – * Visual techniques-

* Symbolism of Perry cutting her hair to boys length- she abandons the superficial qualities of women and takes on a masculine role reflecting her independence. * Perry joins the army- symbolizes her new strength and relates to women in the work place and the evolution of women’s rights over men. * Perry is submerged in clear water tackling a man- water emphasizes her new, cleansed identity. The fact that she Is tackling a man in the water reflects her concurring men and the patriarchal society. * Camouflaged face (colour symbolism) – green colours symbolize growth, harmony, safety, green has great healing power therefore the use of this colour reflects her healing process over and she is now complete. The fact that she is camouflaged reflects how she is unrecognizable to men spiritually; she is just as capable, just as strong and just as smart. * Perry’s facial expression with camo- portrays a demanding gaze, reflects aggression, power and strength. * Close up shot of Perry’s face- engages us in understanding Perry’s facial expression more.

Paragraph 3 (Muriel’s Wedding- Sydney):
* Link back to Muriel’s wedding and make a comparison of the two texts and the techniques so far. * Part of me expresses a positive outcome from negative influences as she concurs her struggles and the patriarchal society to find her true identity and independence. In Muriel’s Wedding it is quite the opposite as she takes on the limiting influences and adopts them into her own identity as she has no sense of self and she relies on those values which she is yet to discover are not her own. * New influence- Rhonda. Muriel changes through Rhonda, she adopts this identity through Rhonda’s rejection of marriage. Although based on a lie, their friendship is genuine and Muriel gains confidence from her identity. * Techniques supporting idea –

* Nomenclature of name change to Mariel- reflects Muriel’s attitude towards the change of...
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