Topics: Scientific method, Killer whale, Habitat Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: July 14, 2013
Use this document to help you design your experiment about one of the scenarios from the activity. Copy and paste the template then insert your information for each of the steps of the scientific method.

Scenario Topic: Free willy?

Problem (2 Points)|How is captivity affecting the overall health of marine animals| Research(2 Points)|1. Health conditions of a healthy whale2. Living conditions of a whale in the wild3. Living conditions of a whale in captivity.| Hypothesis(4 Points)|If put and kept into captivity, the mental and/or physical health of the killer whale could be negatively affected. | Procedure (4 Points)|1. With background research, or with experience of your own collect information on the habits of a whale in its natural habit.2. Observe the habitat of a whale in captivity, and compare the two "habitats" for similarities and differences.3. Observe the habits of a whal in captivity.4. Compare the similarities and differences, such as eating habits, behaviors, amount of physical activity the whale is doing. (swimming, etc.)5. Assess whether or not the whales in captivity seem to be living how they would be in there natural enviroment.| Analysis(4 Points)|*mental and physical health of the animals in the wild*mental and physical health of the animals in captivity*habitat in the wild*habitat in captivity | Conclusion(2 Points)|My research results supported my conclusion. The habitats they are place into in captivity have little to no similarities to there natural habitat. Many of the animals placed into captivity, have spaces that arent big enough to support there needs, which result in physical and even mental issues. |

(2 Points)

Once you complete designing your own experiment, check the assignment for directions on how to submit your final product to your instructor.
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