Esl 33a

Topics: Writing, Essay, Learning Pages: 3 (461 words) Published: November 25, 2013
My Experience Taking ESL 33A

Everyone has a different experience in their life. My experience to take ESL 33A

at Pasadena City College is unforgettable because I learned so many knowledge and

grammar from this class. During taking ESL 33A, I will never forget this experience.

I remember once when taking a in class essay, I felt I did well on it because I used

my ways to write about this essay, and I did not use the skills I learned from this class.

Therefore, I expected to get a high grade on it, but when I got my essay back, I was

disappointed because I fail on this essay. I felt very sad about this test because I spent

a lot of time to prepare this test. After class, I asked my professor why did I get a low

grade. The professor told me check the essay again, and asked me to check our rules.

Moreover, I still could not understand what does it mean, so I took my essay to

the professor’s office and asked her what is wrong with it. The professor told me we

need to write academic essay, not the personal essay, but I still wrote the personal

essay, it is not my professor’s require Therefore, I fail this essay. The professor also

told me I have a lot of wrong grammar and spelling, and I have a big problem that is I

did not have a thesis statement. I was confuse about this problem, and I still do not

know how to write it. The professor explained to me what is thesis and what is

academic essay about one and a half hour. I am very thankful my professor so much

because I understand how to write it. At home, I spent a lot of time to review it.

A few weeks later, we have another in class essay, and the require is to write a

academic essay for argument. During the writing essay time, I remember the

knowledge that the professor told me last time, and I followed the rules and utilized the skills I have learned. First, I did a brain storm to write down all my ideas and

details. Then, I started to write my...
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