Topics: English-language films, Teacher, Education Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Bi-Weekly Journal
1/24/13My Class room experience is going good, for the first two weeks Iv gotten together with the kids a lot, I still need to know some of there names better. My experience with the teacher is good, she’s had me do lots of putting papers away, which is good for me, expect a few times she forgets my name. Most important, my experience with the kids homework is good because when they come and ask me for help, I am able to do it, and it makes me feel good to help them out.

2/7/13 For these two weeks have been really well, because Iv done lots of activities with the kids. They all gotten to know me really well and Iv gotten to know them well. The teacher “Ms.Green” has finally gotten my name correct, but it doesn’t bother me because lots of people mix Cory with Cody. Ever time I enter the classroom I have a smile because teaching the younger kids is a good day to start, and they all look up to me. I hope to improve my experience with them and my progress.

2/19/13My experience for the classroom of Ms.Green is going really well. I know all the kids names and they know my name. Now that they know me well, they come to me for help, which makes me happy to help them. One kid in the class is very funny, his name is Jake, and he is a very funny kid and makes me laugh every time im in the classroom, which is good. I love this class and cannot wait for more great experience.

3/14/13For the past couple of weeks, iv missed some school due to some bad sickness I had, I even missed a one whole week of school, but I had all my work come home and I was able to finish it all and return back to school and back on track with my school work. But this affected me because I was gone awhile from Cadet Teaching. The good thing was I made sure that Ms.Green know I was done for awhile, and when I got back I told her that I was sorry. She said it was alright as long as I was ready to come back to school. I am now ready to help and teach the younger ones....
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