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Task A

Imagine you are a newly appointed supervisor/manager within your service. You need to update your staff handbook to reflect current employment law. Identify three different sources of information you could use to enable you to do this. 1 – Solicitors for help advice and law

2 – Current handbook
3 – for up yo date and current legislation

Once you have identified a reliable source of information.
a) List three aspects of employment covered by law.
1 – Contracted hours of work
2 – Holidays/Annual leave
3 – Maternity leave

b) List three main features of current employment legislation. 1 – Employment rights
2 – Equalities and Discrimination law
3 – Health and Safety legislation

Briefly outline why employment law exists
To regulate the relationship between employers and employees, to establish minimum standards and equality of treatment for all workers.

Task B

Describe the terms and conditions of your employment as set out in your contract of employment or employment agreement.

Place of work, confirming usual place of work but also states this can vary according to the company’s needs, without reduction in rates of pay. Hours of work, stating contracted weekly hours and excludes me from the right to limit working hours to 48 hours per week under the Working Time Regulations 1998. Pay, confirming my hourly rate of pay the date and regularity that it is paid to me. Holiday entitlement for the year and when the annual holiday period starts and finishes according to the annual calendar. Notice of absence, how to inform the company and stating that any absence over 7 days will require a medical certificate. Sick pay is not paid by the company but SSP will be paid if it is entitled to. Confidentiality, not to disclose any resident or company information including associates, potential customers, suppliers and potential suppliers. Dismissal procedure, my contract also states reasons for immediate dismissal. Notice of termination of employment, confirming the time scales requires to be given by either the employee or employer to terminate the contract of employment. Training, my contract of employment states that employees are required to undertake an NVQ training scheme, or similar, as required by CQC or other relevant bodies.

Describe the information which needs to be shown on your pay slip, statement.

Your pay slip to show your full name, the name of the company you work for, your tax code and national insurance number, the date in which payment is to made and sometimes it will show the method of payment. It should also have details of you gross and net pay, any deductions made to your gross pay and a summary of gross and net pay and any national insurance deductions for the current tax year to date.

Identify two changes to personal information on which you must report to your employer.

You inform your employer if your name or address changes, also if you receive any criminal convictions these must be disclosed immediately.

Describe the procedure to follow if you wanted to raise a grievance at work.

In the first instance you must try, if willing and confident, to resolve the issue directly and verbally. If this is not possible or you don’t feel able to do this then an informal confidential meeting should be had with your manager, if the issue is with your manager then this should be with the regional operations manager. This meeting should give you the opportunity to raise your grievance advising of the issue or issues you have, giving names and places if necessary. If the manager feels the grievance is serious enough or if you are not happy with the outcome of an informal meeting then a formal procedure can be taken. Once a decision has been made to make a formal complaint then the complainant should put this in writing to the manager, giving as many facts as possible about the...
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