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Extended amount of time sitting puts the employee or anyone in that fact at risk “towards developing heart disease and Type two diabetes” (Lohr 1). With many clerical jobs available to us we tend to see a “cubicle life”, which involves the requirement to sit and complete a task at hand, maybe get up here and there to talk to the Boss. The only cardio probably done is walking up the steps to work if even that is the case and in such uncomfortable office shoes that ruin the arch of the feet in women situation with heels. “In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, office workers, like clerks, accountants and managers, mostly stood. Sitting was slacking.” (Lohr 2).

The leading researcher in the field of inactivity, Dr. James A. Levine began research and inspired furniture makers to create desks with a treadmill. The definition of ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment. Will this furniture help the office workers or anyone who are always sitting on their bum? Steve Bordley crafted his own desk with treadmill after having leg injury. After six weeks he lost weight and his back pain was gone, along with the positives he continued his job duties such as making phone calls. Furthermore, if one did not want to invest in the furniture whether it be the treadmill desk or the cycling station, there were options for them to make it themselves through various websites. Many people thought this idea was quite crazy and now it is becoming more mainstream. In fact our very own University has stand up desk available in multiple locations on campus. From personal experience most of my past retail jobs entitled us to be on our feet. There were no chairs available in the front of the store. I guess it makes it seem more professional but I have seen it to cause issues since the floor is practically just cemented with a thin layer of carpeting it causes pain in legs. In an article I found online it backs up my previous statement...
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