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Topics: Photographic lens, Wide-angle lens, Photography Pages: 4 (1584 words) Published: May 21, 2015
There are many different factors you want to look into when deciding to go with in-house photography. Most of the expenses would be in the equipment. There is a lot more involved than just the camera. You would have to look at lenses, lighting kits, any processing equipment and printers. It does add up, so when trying to decide whether it's better to outsource photography or do it yourself, you have to look at the numbers.

The first thing to look at is the camera. Luckily, cameras are only the small part of the equation. You can add so much to the camera itself to get exactly what you want. This is where you'd want to save money, because you can get a low quality camera and better it with a different lenses. According to Adorama, one option is the Nikkon D3300. This comes with the kit lens, and it starts at around $496.95 (Adorama 2015). It “ edges out it's nearest, more expensive competitor with a low-light high ISO rating of 1385. Signal to noise ratios start at a noise free 42.2 dB at ISO 100, and stays above 30db though ISO 1600” (Adorama 2015). Other cameras range from 400-1000s of dollars, but the good thing about cameras is that you have a lot of wiggle room to budget accordingly.

The next piece of equipment to look at are lenses. Cambridge states that “The goal is to minimize aberrations, while still utilizing the fewest and least expensive elements” (Cambridge In Colour 2015). The first thing to look at is the different type of lenses. There is the normal ens, the wide-angle lens, the telephoto lens, the macro lens, and the zoom lens. The normal lens are what come equipped with most cameras ( 2015). Though it may not do a lot of fancy things, it is a fast lens and you save money if it comes with your camera. If you look on Amazon, these can range anywhere from 10 bucks to 100s, so it's almost worth to look for a more unique lens for the type of project you are looking for. For Kudler, it may be better to look at the Wide...

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