Environmental Psychology

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Environmental Psychology
Tabatha Coots
University of Phoenix
Environmental Psychology
April 21, 2014
Leah Reagan

Environmental Psychology
The clarification of environmental psychology is the study that emphases how the environmental can influence as well as have affect on his or her life and behaviors. The connection between an individual and the environment he or she resides in is reciprocal in the way it affects each other. The correlation between nature and human species has been a research for many decades “and understanding this relationship can help individuals learn about the importance of conserving and maintaining the world that supports them” (Steg, 2013). The thoughts behind this might be what can support an individual with the basic needs to survive, water, food, and air. In a dominating world it is easy to forget how things are processed, and how an individual can easily forget that his or her environment on earth is what gives people the nutrients they need to survive. Environmental psychology not only emphasis on the importance of physical influences of humans and the environment have on each other, but also in which ways nature affects peoples’ behaviors. Another major feature of discipline is that the behavior is not solely committed to an individual’s environment. Therefore, the thought of some psychologist is that free will, gives the individual the power to change his or her actions within their environment. Although, it is harder to point out certain events that might trigger the individual, but it is safe to say that pollution and the change in the climate has been one of the main causes of poor air quality. According to Steg, (2013), "The main research methods used in environmental research include questionnaire studies, laboratory experiments, simulation studies, field studies and case studies" (p. 6).  An environmental psychologist improves areas to influence individuals to live in a healthier place. This...
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