Environmental Pollution Review

Topics: Environment, Environmentalism, Pollution Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: June 11, 2013

1. Introduction:
The paper is titled ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, and was written by: Aji P, Baron H, Doni S, Ismail B.K, Early retirement R.W
YEAR 2011/2012
The purpose of this paper is the authors write so that readers can learn about environmental pollution and effects that caused environmental pollution itself, and for the reader to understand future more about the neighborhood, and keep to fresh. This paper has been reviewed by M. Faqih Firdaus.

2. Brief Summary:
This paper will discuss about understanding the environment and the types, the factors that cause environmental pollution and the consequences caused by pollution as well as how to cope with environmental pollution is all around us. Because pollution often occurs around us.

3. Critical Assessment:
a. "Pollution" is entered or the inclusion of living things, matter, energy, and / or other components into the water or air. Pollution could also mean changing the order (composition) of water or air by human activities and natural processes, so the quality of the water / air becomes less or cease to function according to their distribution. To prevent pollution of the environment by various industrial activities and human activities, it is necessary to control the environmental pollution by setting environmental quality standards. So environmental pollution, a contamination that could result in damage to the earth, when the environment is damaged then this life will perish.

b. author emphasizes the extent we are aware of the problem of environmental pollution that often happens around us or even our own experience. With us know what it is and know what the impact of pollution caused by the pollution itself. In the hope we could understand and be aware of their environmental health and pollute the environment. And for more future can understand about the neighborhood, and keep to fresh....

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