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Defining Environment
Is the circumstances or conditions that surround one; surroundings. It is the totality of circumstances surrounding an organism or group of organisms, especially: The combination of external physical conditions that affect and influence the growth, development, and survival of organisms: Is the complex of social and cultural conditions affecting the nature of an individual or community

Hence therefore we can classify components of environment as follows; Physical ones:
Air, water, soil, housing, climate, geography, heat, light, noise, debris, and radiation Biological
Man, viruses, microbial agents, insects, rodents, animals and plants, among others Psychosocial:
Cultural values, customs, beliefs, habits, attitudes, morals, religion, education, lifestyles, community life, health services, social and political organization .

In summary environment, is the natural surroundings or social conditions in which people live, the air water, and land .

Common environmental issue in our community
It is the oldest and widespread occupation of the people in our area; Molo- Kenya where majority of farmers does practice both the livestock and crop farming. Over the years, there have been notable changes in the pattern of farming; Manual farming has been replaced by ‘mechanized farming’ due to the advancement of different technologies. Ploughing is done by tractors in place of bulls, hand made jembes and tilling hoes. Modern agricultural techniques have eventually changed into both ways. Some are favorable and some of these are unfavorable.

Some of the Negative impact to the Environment
The changes in the earlier form of agriculture have been brought by the following ways: (i) Mechanical factors: Tractors, tube wells and agricultural equipments. (ii) Chemical factors: Fertilizers, animal feeds, drugs and pesticides The chemical factors have brought a revolution in the agriculture, as they express growth in a very short span of time but their affects in the long run are detrimental to the environment.

Mechanical Factors:
It is a mechanized means of cultivation. Use of tractors has considerably increased in agriculture these days. It is a multitasked machine which helps in ploughing, leveling, weed controlling and sowing among other tasks. This has been a major challenge to agroforestry farming due the fact that tractors won’t plough between or near tree hence farmers opt to uproot trees in their farms. Tractors emit high level of carbon dioxide in the air in the process of ploughing depending on the acreage to be done.

Chemical Factors
Crops require basic food like nutrients for their growth. Fertilizers are used to provide nutrients to plants. It helps in the growth of plants and contributes greatly to increase yields of the crops. Natural fertilizers do not harm the environment. In the form of agricultural practices today artificial fertilizer is used in abundance. They are easy to handle, transport and store and helps in better crop yield. Its increasing use is polluting the environment and contaminating the surface and ground water resources. In the long run, it reduces the fertility of land and also leads to loss of organic matter from the soil. It also affects the lakes, ponds and underground water due to the accumulation of fertilizers in them and the soil.

Animal feeds and drugs.
In modern livestock the most common is the zero grazing and this controlled feeding of animals denies them the natural combination of herbs and natural vegetations that brings in a mixture of natural extracts. Nowadays the manual that we get from these sheds may not be considered environmental friendly as it comes with a lot of feeds’ chemicals unlike in the natural livestock extracts feeding in the fields.

Pesticide Problem:
Pesticides are used to kill pests, it help in killing pests but it is harmful in many respects also. Advantages 1. Helps in...
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