Entrepreneurship CASE STUDY ASIGNMENT 1

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Assignment 1
Case study
Name:Eleni Botes
Student Number: 41217323
Tutor:Ian Gregson

Table contents

1. Introduction
2. Contents
3. Skills
4. Attributes
5. Personal skills analysis
6. Scanning the external environment
7. References
8. Bibliography

1. Introduction

Task one of this case study refers to the examination of Annie Hall’s achievements which include “Time for a Change”. I am required to discuss and identify the skills, attributes, and behavior of the entrepreneur Annie Hall which will be discussed and analyzed further. I will also list my own thoughts and observations regarding the skills required to persevere as an entrepreneur and I will make parallel comparisons with those of proven business theorists. Task two refers to carrying out personal attributes which will be identified using examples from my current capabilities as an entrepreneur and also refer to my understanding of how I will be able to improve those attributes. On task three I will develop an analysis regarding the early detection of signs of opportunities and threats that may influence current and future plans of the hospitality industry. This analysis needs to take action before a business plan begins to draw influence from other businesses or competitors. (Slept analysis) Social, Legal, Economic, political and Technological.

Main body task one

Annie Hall is a self-made business woman, who started from scratch back in the early 90’s and is today known as a successful entrepreneur in Hillington and generates a turnover in excess of a million pounds a year. As a woman back in the 90’s after her marriage was over she had the responsibility of taking care of her two sons and it was financially challenging so it was not easy to have a comfortable life. On her way to becoming a revered entrepreneur over the years, Annie Hall has gained valuable skills by taking it step by step. She left school at an early age against her father’s wish, which eventually proved to be a success as after divorcing her husband she was able to find a very good job in Glasgow and later in London and Paris which helped her over the years to gain more experience. Using that experience she slowly and steadily escalated higher. One of her most valuable skills was that she was persistent and would never give up. She would always struggle in order to secure a better future for her and her two sons. After three years of suffering at the Barras (an indoor and outdoor street market at Barrowland) she managed to make a big business out of it. Her perception of how a business should be ran was much different than one would expect. She traveled around England and France and gained some experience by selling quality goods. As an apprentice seller she brought new things to the market and started bringing a variety of different products to it, controlling the market and causing her sales to go up day by day which was an early vital sign that she was going to become an important entrepreneur. One of her most important skills was probably her ability to identify what customers would want to buy. Her marvelous perception of design allowed her to be able to sell such a wide range of products, from the cheapest and most easily acquirable jewelry to the most highly prestigious and expensive watches, therefore attracting all kinds of customers. Because of her determination to survive and be independent she was able to climb her own ladder without having anyone to push her upwards. She was her own boss and did not have anyone around in the early days at least not until Paul, her son was involved. Annie as a flexible person was able to adjust to changes in the market and fashion and was therefore able to keep up with new popular products. According to entrepreneur theorist such as in …. Which had the same story line in some way like Annie slowly built his business...
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