Annie John: Relationship between Mother and Daughter

Topics: Jamaica Kincaid, Slavery in the United States, Abolitionism Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: November 13, 2005
Annie John
Annie John is an autobiography written by Jamaica Kincaid. In the Autobiography, Jamaica Kincaid plays Annie John, and her mother's name is also Annie John. The Background of this novel is about the activity in the society of children on a small island named Antigua. Annie John is separated continuously from her mother throughout the story, due to her increasing rebellion, resulting in Annie moving to England to be free, just as the African Americans were emancipated from slavery. This story takes place starting with Annie John's childhood and ending when she was a teenager. The story focuses on the relationship between mother and daughter. Annie John is very symbolic in comparing Annie's freedom to the freedom of the slaves. Throughout the story, Annie struggles with the difficult relationship she has with her mother. Although her parents discipline her, and give her the best education possible, a hatred toward her mother grows throughout the story. She begins to realize the differences between her and her mother, and does not see her as a perfect loving human being. In her early childhood, she saw her mother as her own personal savior when times were bad. She saw her mother as an angel. After Annie came home from school one day, and witnessed her mother engaging in sexual activity, she began to realize the differences between them. She began to see faults and impurities daily in her mother. Nothing Annie seemed to do pleased her mother. She made friends with people who were of lower social status, which also displeased her mother, and caused her to try to change Annie's prospective of what a real friend is. Annie was walking home from school one day, and she looked in the reflection of a store window, and realized how long it had been since she had seen herself. She began to realize she was growing and maturing, and began to believe she was "smarter and cleaner" than her mother. When she began to be ridiculed and was called...
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