Entrances and Exit

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Entrances and Exit Critic

Entrances and Exit Critic

David Mullen
Dance- Jazz I
April, 28, 2012
In attending Entrances and Exit presented by Grossmont colleges dance program, I found there to be many interesting routines. All of the performances were well put together, although there were a few times when I was just like “What?” Every performance I found to be dreadful was always followed by a performance that would grasp my attention again. There were a couple pieces that I found extremely magnificent like “My name is Sam” choreographed by Nancy Boskin-Mullen, “Toy Makers Can-Can” choreographed by Colleen Shipkowski, and “In the wild” choreographed by Melissa Aldo. Though, there were many entertaining performances, these three stood out to me the most because with all of them I found myself very engaged in the dance.

The modern performance “My name is Sam” choreographed by Nancy Boskin-Mullen was very interesting piece. The choreography and the music sent a clear message to the audience. I think the story of love and neglection was the intention of piece. The costumes conveyed the characters well. I liked how the performers danced as different characters, yet they did the same choreography. The young lady playing the role of the dog did the same routine as the grandfather, but you could distinguish the too.

The lighting in “My Name is Sam” was just right. I liked how the lights went dim as each character told their story, then came back up as they all danced in unity. There wasn’t too much going on with the lights, it was just enough to make the message clearer to the audience. Also, the placement of the performers was very simple, but that was the entire dance needed. I liked that they were placed in a simple diagonal. I think the diagonal placing was intended as an affect for when the lights dimmed and the special came on the soloist. It was like the other dancers weren’t there, but they were. This was a beautiful piece and I could...
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