Seminar Play Analysis

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Seminar Review

On November 20th I went to the Black Box theatre to see the play Seminar. It was a small production, and there were only five actors. Going into the play, I had no idea what to expect. I had heard the play was a bit raunchy, with explicit dialogue and provocative scenes. The play started out with four actors portraying college graduate writers. I loved how realistic the setting was; it really looked like somebody’s real apartment. The actors did very well portraying emotion, and every thing they did and said I could relate to. At one point, a girl was eating real ice cream and complaining on the couch to her friend. I thought it was funny how every girl could relate to that scene. I also liked that the actor had no problem devouring ice cream on top of memorizing her lines and acting at the same time. I would find it hard not to focus on anything other than the delicious taste of the ice cream.

The play was indeed explicit and provocative. Being an 18 year old, I definitely had no problem with that! I think I can speak for all of the students who came out to watch the play. Something about how throwing in and “F bomb” can add so much more emotion and often times humor to a scene. I really enjoyed listening to them talk just like most young adults would. The playwright wasn’t holding back at all in the script, and I think that’s what made the play so captivating. The script was relatable and funny.

There were some things that I didn’t like about the play. One of the characters portrayed a rebellious girl who wore dark clothes and heavy makeup. She was the one who was hooking up with the professor and her friend. She kept blinking her eyes too much and moving her head to try to look as if she was being seductive. I understand that in order to portray a seductive character some of those gestures would work well. I think the actor over did it, and I found it distracting to watch her keep doing the robotic gestures even...
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