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as a choreographer was established while he was training in Belgium He was commissioned as head choreographer for the World Summit of Arts & Culture as well as the FIFA World Cup Kick-off Concert, among other high-profile events He approaches choreography in context of both his dancers and musicians, in order to achieve a marriage between text, music, and movement VDT is a playground where ideas are thrashed out, processes discovered, and dreams realized. Maqoma teaches as well as choreographs...

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Dance essay writing technique when comparing two pieces of choreography

Tutor (name) Quote Introduction Outline subject Who I am writing about By? Made? Chorographer 1, Who are they Background In what context did they create the work? Describe the action you are looking at? What is the intention of the choreography... to update a story, tell a story or show a gender issue? - Components - Body actions - Spatial design - Dynamic qualities - Relationships of the dancer Chorographer 2, (Same as above) Look at.... Camera used What decisions have been...

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A choreographer's vison

preform the dance. The word ‘choreography’ literally means dance writing. A choreographer has to create a dance, movement by movement, that is exciting, new and that represents each note of the music being played. There are two basic types of choreography. The first is improvisation, which the choreographer will give guidelines and ideas to follow, but then allows the dancers themselves to improvise their movements within those rules. This type of choreography gives a great deal of freedom of...

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feeling and emotion while being unrelated to each other all at the same time. The choice of music had a tremendous impact on each of the dance works as well as being different from one another. The fast and slow music and the powerful and energetic choreography made Synapse what it is, a fascinating and extraordinary dance performance. Though the entire dance performance had different styles of music and dance, most of it was a combination of modern, hip-hop and a bit classical. For example, “Dissociation”...

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Night Journey Analysis

motifs and non-movement components. Graham invites her audience throughout Night Journey to connect with the many emotions of the main character, Queen Jocasta through the effective use of motifs. One of the first motifs recognised in Graham’s choreography is when Jocasta sharply throws one her of legs outward in a series of developè like movements to the side twisting her upper body in one direction then another. This motif sequence is a symbolic representation of the confusion and pain she is feeling...

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The Borders Of Contemporary Israeli Dance Analysis

and message through movement may often times reject the norm. The imagination discussed in this article, seems to have created some negative views that are predominantly shocking to its viewers. Quinlan “Gaga as Metatechnique: Negotiating Choreography, Improvisation, and Technique in a Neoliberal Dance Market,” is a work written by Meghan Quinlan and published in 2017. Dr. Meghan Quinlan is a professor at Kennesaw State University, who received a PhD in critical dance studies. Quinlan studies...

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Dance Observation Paper

ideal into his choreography and it can read as religious, spiritual, or simply complicated choreography and is very relatable to the audience. The music that Wendell Cooper chose was unique in that it was not too over powering of the choreography but it was strong enough to convey a message and to keep the audiences attention. In Robert Ferris Thompson’s 10 Canons of Fine Form the ideal of the get down quality, looking smart, and coolness were portrayed in the work. The choreography stayed grounded...

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Mary Wigman

The Witch in Wigmans work stands as an interpretation of her role in society, and her aspirations for future dance forms. Mary Wigman’s Witch Dance epitomized the breaking away from conventional concepts and traditions. Through her modernistic choreography she captured the true essence of dance. There was no conformity or theatricality to it. Instead, she used elements that would speak directly to the audience (Muller, 1986, pp. 173-184). The archaic image of the witch expressed the elements of Wigman’s...

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Pina Bausch

Bausch uses emotion, costume and staging to make this piece individual and unforgettable. Bausch uses a mix of responsive gestures and powerful unison movement; she goes into great depth and detail to portray the subject of human sacrifice. The choreography has been carefully thought out and you can see this by watching the piece, it has a phatic semiotic level. The music accompanying the piece is composed by Igor Stravinsky (1882- 1971) the piece has three sections: (Introduction, Omens of Spring--Dances...

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Flowers Essay by Alvin Ailey

Discuss the importance of the union between choreography movement and design in AAADT, refer to flowers Alvin Ailey born 1931-1989, began his career as a dancer in the 40’s and then went onto later create a body of dance works. He founded his own company in 1958 AAADT, grown from a small company of seven or 8 dancers into a large carefully managed international famous business. The decision for Ailey to call his company AAADT illustrates his belief that black Americans should be acknowledged to...

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