Entenpreship Case

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Marketing plan Pages: 28 (6664 words) Published: August 24, 2013



Topic: Marketing plan for “TAPAN water melon juice”.

Submitted To: S M Asif Ur Rahman
School of Business
United International University

Submitted By: Md. Nuruzzaman # 111091197
Salauddin Akbar # 111091112
Tania Zaman # 11109
Afsana Sarker # 111091327
Ismat nur # 111091006

Section: F

Date of submission: 29, December, 2010.


Date: 29, December, 2010.

S M Asif Ur Rahman

Subject: Submission of term paper titled “Marketing plan for TAPAN water melon juice.”

Dear Sir,
I have the pleasure to submit here with the term paper of the project titled “Marketing plan for TAPAN water melon juice” for your kind perusal.

Based on discussions and survey, I have incorporated the necessary materials to finalize the draft term paper.

We also acknowledge our gratitude to those persons who have helped us and passed their valuable comments on the draft term paper.

Thanking you for your cooperation.


Md. Nuruzzaman
Salauddin Akbar
Afsana Sarker
Tania Zaman
Ismay Nur.



This study is the outcome of the term paper writing program under taken by the “INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING” course instructed by “S M Asif Ur Rahman” UIU for the ‘Fall, 2010’ 6th semester’s student to supplement the experience and research skills gather from a particular field.

We are indebted to them, who have directly and indirectly assisted us in conducting the study. Specially, we are thankful to our honorable teacher “S M Asif Ur Rahman” because he helped us to start our research paper promptly.

First, we are thankful to the general people for showing their kind cooperation to collecting information about “Marketing plan for TAPAN water melon juice”.

We are indebted to the website that indirectly helped us in completing our term paper. We also indebted to those people, who showed their friendly behavior in completing our questions.

Finally, we owe a profound intellectual debt to our seniors for their part time help, assistance and valuable advices in thinking and developing of this term paper.

- Md. Nuruzzaman Salauddin Akbar Afsana Sarker Tania Zaman Ismay Nur..


This is to inform that the term paper on “Marketing plan for TAPAN water melon juice” has been prepared in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the course “Introduction to Marketing”. It has been prepared for academic basis only. So, photo copying a sentence from this report is strictly prohibited without prior permission. - Md. Nuruzzaman Salauddin Akbar Afsana Sarker Tania Zaman Ismay...
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