enriques journey

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Family, Immigration Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: November 13, 2013
Enrique’s Journey, a book about a not so amusing adventure a little boy had to take to reunite with his mother, Lourdes. Sonia Nazario the author of the novel went into an illegal immigrant shoes, and tried to make it across the border to America. You might think that illegal immigrants arrive smoothly to America, but no you are wrong. Smuggling across the world to America and starting a new life is the scariest thing some illegal immigrants might have to do when things aren’t going right. In this novel, Enrique does reunite with his mom, Lourdes but wait, the immigrant’s journey doesn’t end there. Maria, a mother of a small daughter ends up taking the same journey to reunite with her boyfriend who is also the father of her daughter Jasmine.

“Maria Isabel does not say good-bye to her daughter. She does not hug her. She gets out of the car and walks briskly into the bus terminal. She does not look back. She never tells her she is going to the United States” (Nazario, 218). To me, this quote is telling me that Maria did not have a hard time leaving her daughter but without a goodbye is more spiteful. But the question really is why did she have to leave? This honestly is the worst way ever to ever leave your child in a country by herself without her mother by her side. I don’t believe that Maria is any different from Lourdes. They both did what they felt was right for their children. They both wanted to go and earn money to provide their children an education, toys, clothes, and anything else young children needed. So, why did Maria Isabel do this to her child after seeing what Lourdes did to hers? What was going through her mind? Doesn’t she know that Jasmine might have to go through the same journey? To me, nothing that she learned or seen over the years has affected her one bit. Jasmine needed her mother by her side, but Maria Isabel made her decision to go to America to be with Enrique instead of her own daughter. She’s repeating exactly what Lourdes did to...
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