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The best help and advice that I can provide to you is that which you do not want to read on this forum. But, I shall give it to you any ways: do your own work. If you are of the opinion that you professor is not familiar with your writing style by this point in the semester you are sadly mistaken. You are already aware of the consequences for submitting plagiarized work as your own. However, if you cannot recall the list of the most common consequences allow for me to refresh your memory. A decrease in your Grade Point Average (GPA) as the result of not merely receiving a failing grade for one assignment, but for the entire course; academic probation or expulsion from your educational institution; plus fine depending on whose work you “copy and pasted.” And, should you be a high school student I am most certain that you do not favor the idea of having to repeat a grade or your current class, again.

You have been handed one of the easiest assignments: to write a five hundred word essay on any topic of your choosing. You are not limited to writing about your school curriculum. If you want you can write a summarization about one your favorite prime time television shows like Glee, The Bachelor, Brothers and Sisters, Dancing With the Stars, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, America’s Next Top Model, or some other show. If you’re into sports write about how good or terrible you think your favorite team is doing this season or last or about your favorite player.
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