English Teaching Plan

Topics: Autumn, Winter, Summer Pages: 2 (1051 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Months & Seasons

Vocabulary Games
Match the names of the celebrations/ holidays with the months that they take place in. January February March April May June July August September October November December Mother’s Day International Children’s Day US  Independence Day Christmas’s Eve Halloween Mid Fall Festival Vietnam Teacher’s Day International Women’s Day International Left­handers’ Day Valentine’s Day New Year’s Eve April’s Fool

Now discuss with your partners what people often do during those holidays ?

Vocabulary Game (2)
Match the words that best describe the weather of each season (work with a partner) dry              humid                  wet                 cold                   freezing               sunny windy           rainy                 comfortable           below freezing     breezy          cool chilly        drizzling            fog/foggy         heat­wave       boiling          tropical storms snowstorms        cloudy            snowy        nice          warm           hot Spring: Summer Autumn Winter

Listening Activity
A. Listen to the recording and tick the words that you hear winter           outside          prefer              peak of the summer           long lazy days             June                 summer man            autumn grey                     going back to school         autumn leaves          walking in the woods   fan of the winter          December           snow            Christmas                  celebrations January      worst months of the year        march          april the first            windy         feelings            summer              heat             light dark          have a walk

B. Listen to the recording again and decide whether each statement is true (T) or false (F) 1. Richard loves winter 2. It’s December now 3. There’s often snow in the UK in the winter 4. There’re a lot of celebrations and parties during Christmas 5. Both of the speakers were born in the Spring...
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