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Topics: New Zealand, Male, Rugby union Pages: 7 (2839 words) Published: February 23, 2014
 Super Rugby Essay The international spectacle is Super rugby has a hold on New Zealand Society- some of us cannot help but be drawn in by the skill and flair on display, others love to get behind their favourite team and back them passionately all the way, while others can feel indifferent towards the event, or even deliberately stay right away. Whatever your attitude towards the occasion, you cannot help but be touched by Super Rugby’s influence- it has such a huge impact on all major groups in society, as well as our national economy and culture. In this essay I will discuss three main points. Effects of Super Rugby on myself. Others and society. How super rugby affects me positively, negatively and my Hauora, how super ruby affects others positively, negatively and how super rugby effects kiwi culture, media and rugby as a business. Super Rugby affects me negatively and positively. Positive effects on me of rugby are that while watching rugby my family is always sitting together and enjoying it. When I watch the rugby playing females I always wanted to be fit like them. The good thing is that in my family no one drinks so we do not get any problems while watching rugby which is good. I do not play rugby but still sometimes I like to watch it because my family is together. I do not play rugby so I get more time to spend with my family and friends and get lot time to study rather than going to any rugby training. So my hobbies and other interests always sits in the front seat because I have lot time. Where it has positive effects on me it also has negative effects on me. While watching rugby I always get afraid when anyone is injured because I am afraid of injuries and I cannot see anybody in pain. When someone gets injured in rugby while playing I always say that, “I will never play rugby and even not let play rugby anyone in the family, it too dangerous game”. My brother loves to play rugby, he had played it for three years and every year he had broken one part of his body. He again wants to play rugby but I am in his way because I do not want him to get injured and feel pain. Super rugby is a good source of exercise. Sometimes just for fun we play just touch within the family. In which we run a lot which is good for health. It keeps me active. And I also enjoy it a lot. But when we watch super rugby on the T.V. while watching I eat a lot junk food which is not good for my health. So it affects my well-being both positively and negatively. Super Rugby has a mainly positive impact on the other rugby players. It also has positive impact on my school rugby team. This is because Super Rugby advertises rugby as lucrative career path for the players in the school rugby team. Raises the profile of rugby as a whole, and is often a source of inspiration. It can inspire the younger rugby players. These young players watch Richie McCaw burst through opposition defense. Or Cory Jane score a Crucial try in the corner, and these players become their heroes. These young players continue to watch their heroes perform and aspire to be like them. This provides them with the drive to work hard towards their goals, and can often give their entire lives more direction, which has a positive impact on themselves and also those around them. If super rugby has positive impacts on the rugby playing males it also ha negative impacts on them. The school rugby team have a lot of pressure on them. The players have pressure on them about study but they also have pressure on them to win the next upcoming match. So they work under lot of pressure. Spend lot time training rather than using that time to study. They could get big injuries. Some of the injuries could last for the rest of their life. Non rugby playing males also have many positive impacts on them and those around them. They get lot of their time to spend with their family. The boys who do not play in the school rugby team get lot time to study...
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