English for Occupational Purpose

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Brief description of products

E-road technology has three product lines, each for the various markets it serves. Our product lines include our unique self service kiosk machine, kiosk application machine and kiosk vending machine. Most of our products are innovative machines that are functions and advantages not found in today’s common e-kiosk machines, thus providing e-road technology a competitive advantage over more establish competitors.

We plan to aggressively enhance our existing line in the future. Our immediate plan is to include a custom made model of e-kiosk that will offer a great satisfaction for our customers. Other products are in exploratory phase.

We are also pursuing supplier relationship with a large corporation predominantly government and private sector to customize our machine to their products or services. This would enables e-road technology to supply machines to national companies and allow them to brand the machine with their product lines.

Detailed description of the products


E-road technology supplies a variety of innovative products that serve the needs of special segments of the market. These machines aim to expand existing sales and open new line of sales for our customer.

Product description

Our e-kiosk machines are:-

1.SELF SERVICE KIOSK MACHINE- which offers Standard, Custom and OEM contract manufacturing models. With six distinctive self-service product lines featuring 30 standard models, e-road technology has the largest offering in the industry.

1.1 Standard Kiosks
- In stock, off-the-shelf designs available for quick delivery. - Flexible configurations tailored to your needs.
- Metal construction at a surprisingly low cost.

1.2Custom Kiosks
- Industry dominance in design of exceptionally sophisticated projects. - Custom expertise with deployment portfolio in over 12 vertical markets. - Proven integration capability with virtually any peripherals.

1.3OEM & Contract Manufacturing
- E-road technology can also be your OEM and Contract Manufacturing Partner. - On-demand engineering, design, manufacturing and services - Helping you to deliver your products faster and more efficiently.

2KIOSK APPLICATION MACHINE- which offers imaginable application from HR to Retail. As a worldwide leader in kiosk applications, E-road technology has in-depth experience in providing complete self-service solutions. Some of those solutions include:

2.1HR Employees/Job Applications Kiosk –

HR kiosk designed for job kiosks, 401K Benefits enrollment, Employee scheduling, management and training. Many survey noted that companies spend an average of RM1700 per employee, per year on HR communication. Kiosks reduce this cost by providing convenient and consistent information to employees. Whether employee scheduling, distributing pay stubs, new benefits, 401K administration, company policies, job postings, training opportunities or company news, kiosks provide an extension of your HR department, conserving those resources for more important tasks. Direct savings derived from the use of HR Kiosks include:

Reduction in HR Staffing
Reduction in printing costs
Reduction in distribution costs
Fewer resources required for processing new hires
Reduction in new employee turnover
Better data integrity reducing information audits
Reduction in overall benefits transaction costs
Features and Benefits of a HR Kiosk:
HR kiosks offer self-service functions to employees without access to desktop computers, or those not located near an HR office 24x7 access to HR information without the need for human intervention reduces costs and increases convenience for employees Online forms and pay-stub printing on-demand saves paper, distribution and administration costs Factory floor HR kiosks act as a virtual assistant for employee training, scheduling and other managerial functions Hiring kiosks allow for pre-screening...
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