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Perez, Francine Alianne L.
ZEN- 112
October 18, 2013

Essay #1 – Descriptive Essay
Essay #2 – Narrative Essay
Essay #3 – Persuasive/Argumentative Essay

ESSAY #1 (Descriptive Essay)



I. When you see him/her, your face will be as red as a very ripe tomato a. The way he/she waves at you
b. His/her smile makes your day
c. You always felt that he/she likes you too

II. When you smell him/her, he/she smells like a baby
a. When he/she passed by in front of you
b. When you smell his/her perfume, he/she pops out in your mind c. It feels like you’re in heaven

III. When you touch his/her cheeks, surely you’ll go crazy, jump and bounce at any moment like you’re in a trampoline a. When he/she touches you
b. When your skin touched by accident
c. When you just see his/her beautiful face

IV. When you hear his/her voice, your ear will fly high up in the sky to reach that heavenly voice a. When he/she sings
b. When he/she talks to you
c. When you hear his/her laughs

V. His/her personality is as sweet as flavorful rainbow-colored candies, if you could just taste it a. He/she is generous, God-fearing yet awesome in many other ways b. He/she loves to fool around but still he’s kind and gentleman c. He/she has an extraordinary personality

“It’s like I’m thirteen again and he’s my crush. All I’m aware of in this entire roomful of people is him. Where he is, what he is doing, who is he talking to.” A line from the book Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella. Each one of us experienced having a crush on someone. Age doesn’t count because having a crush is just like idolizing his/her personality. For me, crush means adoring one person with his/her deeds and attitudes, the way he/she dress, the way he/she looks at you, the way he/she smiles and lots of ways he/she can make you go crazy. For my age, having a crush is just normal. My crush isn’t that handsome, but I know he has a lot of sense of humor. When I see him, he makes my face as red as a very ripe tomato. When I smell him, he smells like a chocolate, but sometimes, he smells like a baby. When our skin touched, surely he’ll make me go jump or bounce at any moment like I’m in a trampoline. When I hear his voice, my ears flew high up in the sky and keeps on aiming to reach that heavenly voice. His personality is as sweet as flavorful and rainbow-colored candies if you could just taste it. He is no other than my crush, the one who serves as one of my inspirations in my everyday tasks.

I asked my friend what if one day, her crush stared at her and smile. She said, she’ll be very shy and likens her face to a very ripe tomato. Funny how she sees herself, but I imagined what if I was on her shoe, what will I do? What if the first thing he does is waved at you? It’ll surely make me go extremely wild inside. I remember the time he waved at me; it feels like the whole place stopped for a moment for him and for me. Yes, it’s over-reacting, but that’s how I felt on that day. When he smiles at me, it really makes my whole day. Though I didn’t have done anything productive, seeing him smiling at me is so much productive. Just one smile can make your day positive and no worries. What I think is not really great but girls are too prudent and wise. We are too fussy that we want to know all of the things that are connected to us. But girls will always be girls and girls aren’t numb to not realize what was happening around them, girls can always feel boys who are into them. Girls will surely knew it when someone has a crush on them.

When he smells like a chocolate or like a baby, is a big turn on to all the girls. Girls are getting in love with boys who smell so good. When my crush passed by in front of me, it feels like I want to walk around towards him just to smell him. Sometimes, when I’m not with him or when...
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