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Topics: Audience theory, Audience, Performance Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: April 21, 2013
“Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture” was a quote I read by Allen Ginsburg that really made me think about how powerful social media is in today’s culture. Before I signed up for this field trip I didn’t really know what to expect. I figured I would spend the a day with my classmates in Toronto and go on the set to some low budget Television shows that are only aired at obscure times, in front of small audiences. Initially I figured the climax of the trip was not going to be the tour itself, but the short time spent at the Eaton Centre. This tour brought me into the sets of New Music Live, CP24 and much more high budget TV shows.

To begin with, we visited the CP24 news station which I found to be the most fascinating rooms on the tour. CP24 is a specialty news channel that reports national, international and local news from the GTA in up to the minute speed as it happens around the World. To get an idea of how they deliver this information to millions of people was truly riveting. What impressed me the most about it was how the actual set operated. There was various stations that all worked together to make the show operate. For example, one lady had the job of reporting instant news as it came in, so all she had to do was stand up and deliver the news. What surprised me was how small the actual room they were recording from. They had three small backdrops that they could switch back and forth from, that gives the impression that it was being filmed in different places.

Furthermore, our tour guide lead us through the sets of BNN, The Marilyn Denis Show and E! Talk. It was cool to see how all theses sets are in such a small building. The gentlemen leading the way did an awesome job of explaining how certain things operated and made the tour very informative. He was a young man from Dublin, Ireland and was very outgoing, intelligent and funny. He stressed the point of how successful CTV is and how they push to be the best in...
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