English & American Literature an Overview

Topics: England, English people, Anglo-Saxons Pages: 4 (1082 words) Published: January 22, 2013
English & American Literature:
An Overview

Alfred Renz Dorego. Jacob Jr I

ENGMA6 (English and American Literature), BSEd3A
Ms. Kris Crismundo
October 15, 2012
Literature is said to be one of the passages of emotions and feelings to the environment – an expression of thoughts, opinions and the things they want to aspire and change and to all things a person is sensing. It is also a way to make a passive way of expression, like what Dr. Jose Rizal did to build flames of independence in our country. It is also like art or music, but literature is said to be more expressive and elaborative, yet not other people can be pleased by any form of audio-visual forms.

Literature is said to be any kind of written text that expresses whole expression and feeling. A simple sentence, a word or even a symbol like and apostrophe or a period can also be considered as a literature. Other forms of literature include: a sweet lullaby your mother used to sing when you as a baby, a rock song you are like or a novelty song that made a major trend in the entire planet, or a simple hum. See, there are a lot of examples of literature and we are living with it since we were born until our last breath.

This research will discuss an overview about the two of the most influential countries and their literature: the English and American literature. It is said that these countries became the rivals of the 1st generation of the Earth according to the historians. Englishmen or the people of England and the Americans have distinct cultures, types of government and the literatures that they are progressing up to now. These countries progress in their own ways by means by their own perspective of history and culture that affects their food, music and most especially their literature. B.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The main focus of this research is about the distinct differences of two cultures in terms of the...
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