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Engelsk STX Delprøve A

By Martinadel Oct 05, 2014 796 Words
Besvar opgaverne i A-D
Ret fejlene i følgende sætninger, og forklar på dansk dine rettelser.

1. After the group training camp we’re travelling individual to our final destinations

After the group training camp we’re travelling individually to our final destinations.

Det skal være ¨Individually¨, fordi det beskriver et udsagnsord ¨Travelling¨.

2. What the future will brings is not for me to say at this point.

What the future will bring is not for me to say at this point.

Det skal være ”bring” istedet for ”brings” er pga. verbet ”will” som står foran, hvilket gør den står i futurum.

3. The interesting about this text is its composition

The interesting thing about this text is its composition.

¨Interesting¨ er et adjektiv, og skal bruge et substantiv for at give mening. Derfor skal ¨thing¨ sættes ind.

4. Prince William was staying in Croatia, who has become a favorite place for celebrities.

Prince William was staying in Croatia, which has become a favorite place for celebrities.

¨Who¨ bruges kun om mennesker, så da der bliver talt om et sted I denne tekst skal ¨which¨ bruges istedet.

5. The Statue of Liberty were a gift from France to the United States of America.

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the United States of America.

I denne sætning skal det være ¨was¨, da verbet skal passe med subjektet I forhold til person og antal.

6. Many fans were terrible disappointed with the much praised film by Woody Allen.

Many fans were terribly disappointed with the much praised film by Woody Allen.

I denne sætning skal ¨Terrible¨ rettes til ¨terribly¨, fordi ¨terribly¨skal beskrive adjektivet, som er ¨Dissapointed¨

7. There’s the cat which tail was brutally bitten off by the dog.

There’s the cat


Angiv ordklassen for hvert af de understregede ord I nedenstående sætninger.

1. It doesn’t mean that you should act stupidly

2. He had been trying to make himself look clever at the conference, but he didn’t succeed

3. The food tasted horrible and i spat it out immediately.

4. That point may seem obvious, but I don’t get it.

5. The whole house looks beautifully light and bright.

6. The cars are horribly expensive, but to my mind they are the best.

Det beskriver ¨act¨, som er et adjektiv
Det beskriver verbet, som er et ¨look¨
Det beskriver verbet, som er ¨tasted¨
Det beskriver subjektet, som er ¨that point¨
Det beskriver adjektivet, som er ¨light¨.
Det beskriver adjektivet, som er ¨expensive¨

Sammenlign den sproglige stil I nedenstående tekster med hensyn til ordvalg og sætningsopbygning.


I tekst nummer et bliver der brugt et meget uformelt sprog, hvilket gør det nemt for læseren at læse og bruger for det meste hverdags ord som f.eks. ¨Ask family members to submit their own ideas for fun activities and projects that interest everyone and are do-able in just a few hours.¨ Sætningerne i tekst 1 er også markant kortere end i tekst 2, hvilket gør det nemmere for læseren at forstå. I tekst nummer to er sproget meget mere formelt, hvilket gør teksten sværere at forstå for den gennemsnitslige læser. Sætningerne er også længere, og ordforrådet er sværere end i tekst 1. Dette kan ses i denne sætning: ¨Of the manner of passing evenings at home, there is none pleasanter than in such recreative enjoyments as thos which relax the mind from its severer duties. ¨

Oversæt teksten:

Jamie Oliver is a brand new name in the culinary world. His popular food shows is being broadcasted in more than 40 countries, which have made him one of the most famous chiefs in the world. At an early age he got interested in food, when he was working in the kitchen at his parents pub in Essex. He have succeeded to transform a live expanding interest for food into an incredibly successful career, and a lot people think it’s the cause of his relax style, and simple food philosophy: Anyone can transform everyday ingredients into a delicious gourmet meal.

Jamie Oliver er et helt nyt navn I den kulinariske verden. Hans populære madprogrammer bliver sendt I mere end 40 lande, hvilket har gjort til en af de mest kendte kokke I verden. Allerede I en tidlig alder blev han interesseret I mad, da han arbejdede I køkkenet I hans forældres pub I Essex. Han har haft succes I at transformere en livslang interesse for mad til en utrolig succesfuld karriere, og mange mener at det er på grund af hans afslappende stil, og simple madfilosofi: Alle kan forvandle hverdags ingredienser til et lækkert gourmet måltid.

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