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Topics: Mother, Infant, The Lockers Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: May 5, 2014

Angela Paulino
Eng 201
John RedeR
March 18,2014

Assignment #2
Coin Locker Babies by Ryu Murakami

Just before starting to read the story you read the title and by reading this title you can see the misery "Coin Locker Babies". I immediately thought of the kid/kids being abandoned in of course a locker and thought to myself what kind of sick individuals would do this to innocent children. It's sad to say that it wasn't only Kiku and Hashi, it's happened to others and unfortunately they didn't make it out alive. This story has took place In Japan which happens to be where abortions occur the most. Through out the passage you see how pure Kiku was and how not having his mother and being abandoned effected him in the future. The beginning of this passage begins with Kiku's mother giving birth, testing him to see if he would cry. She sees that he's awake so she starts to wrap the baby up in a box. "She got on a train station went straight to the coin lockers, and shoved the box into an empty one in the back row. Wrapping the key in sanitary napkin, she disposed of it in the toilet then left the station" I didn't understand what she was trying to do at this point it's like she was contradicting herself. It's like she didn't want the baby so why did she give birth to it? Why did she even bother to protect it? Why did she even tape the box ? the question I asked the most was why in a coin locker? As if the baby was just an item. Where he would probably die In a couple of days. It was kind of weird when she disposed the napkin of the keys. Did she want someone to find her child? Or would she rather let him die, she says she wrote a made up name so I'm guessing she would want someone to raise him? But why would she dispose the napkin, did it occur to her that either way he would be found. The baby continued to cry till someone found him and eventually they did seventy six hours after. Ryu Murakami states "just seventy six hours after he first...
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