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Topics: Family, Flight attendant, Bobbie Ann Mason Pages: 3 (738 words) Published: April 26, 2015
 Abdullah Issa
Professor Doody
ENG 111/ 4108
February 10, 2015
Life in the Country
Lifestyles differ from one family to another, and some families have an easy life and everything is in their favor. Other families have a more difficult time getting around life and trying to survive, just like the author Bobbie Ann Mason in her article, “Being Country.” The author explains major difficulties that affected her life and her family’s life. Some of these major difficulties include a broken dream, a lack of food, and a restricted wardrobe.

The most complicated aspect of going through a horrible childhood is the dream to change. Bobbie Ann Mason in her article “Being Country,” explains this experience. While the author’s mother and grandmother were working on drying apples and shelling beans, the author took a look and made the decision that she did not want to shell beans or dry apples for the rest of her life: “drying apple was not in my dreams” (Mason 4). At this moment and after, the author changes the legacy of her ancestors, which was women’s duties. The author’s dream suggests that she wanted to change and be a successful person later in life, but her family could not afford her dream and she was going to be a farmer for the rest of her life. The author mentions another idea that she wanted to change and do something else with her life: “I wanted to be somebody, maybe an airline stewardess” (Mason 4). Mason was desperately dreaming about a better future for her life, and she also had a plan to what she wanted to grow up, which is an airline stewardess, but again her state of living was pulling her back down to reality.

Another major difficulty that would affect a family’s life is lack of crop. Food is one of the most important aspects of life and survival. The author explains how her family was fighting for survival and how food meant the world for them. In the quote “food was fuel to work,” (Mason 14) Mason explains how her and her family’s state...
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