Energy Source

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Energgy source
Total installed electricity capacity (2010, Enerdata) : 1,659 MW  - Hydroelectricity: 86%
- Thermal 14%
- Nuclear: 0%
- Others: 0%

Share of Total primary energy * 1717 kToe: 
Oil: 53.3%
Natural Gas: 0.4%
Hydro: 28.2%
Biofuels and Waste: 13.4%
Geothrmal/ solar/ wind: 0.20%
Coal and Peat: 4.4%
*Share of TPES excludes electricity trade

Albania utilises both diesel fuel and hydropower to generate electricity, with the latter being more significant and having a greater potential.   
Hydropower therefore provides the majority of the country’s domestic power generation. Hydroelectricity is produced by three main power plants located in the north of the country: Koman (600 MW), Fierze (500 MW) and Vau Dejes (250 MW). The 97 MW Vlora oil-fired power plant was commissioned in December 2009. 

Electricity production is almost entirely hydro-electric. In 2009 it accounted for 99.8% of production, with thermal (ex-oil) accounting 0.2%. (source: Enerdata)

Since 1998, Albania has been transformed from an exporter to an importer of electrical power. 

The imports/export balance (primary production) by energy source in 2009 was as follows (all units ktoe):

Crude oil: 0.00/ 211
Oil products: 1284/ 40.36
Natural gas: 0.00/0.00
Electricity: 114.74/0.00
Biomass: 0.00/0.00
Heat: 0.00/0.00
Solid fuels: 2.98/0.00

In 2007, the country imported 2.94 billion kWh, amounting to over 70% of the total electricity consumption (3.95 billion kWh) of the country. By 2009, mainly due to improvements in hydro-power, imports of electricity had fallen to just 11% of total consumption. Capacity corners

In 2007, the energy deficit of Albania was 40,828 TJ. The annual electricity deficit was estimated to be 2.5 million kWh in 2011.

Since nearly all domestic production comes from hydropower plants, the power system is vulnerable to variations in rainfall.  Lack of rainfall caused a power crisis characterized by severe load shedding from...
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