Energy Management System in Thermal Power Plants

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Presentation Structure
• • • • Methodology of Energy Audit Scope of Energy Audit Instruments used Case Studies: – – – – – Mother Dairy (Milk Plant & Ice Cream Plant) Hissar-Jind Milk Plant Ballabgarh Milk Plant Rohtak Milk Plant Ambala Milk Plant


 Pre-audit presentation.
 Collection of data / information.

 Measurements and monitoring with instruments.
 Computation and in-depth analysis.  Post-audit presentation to discuss the Energy Conservation Opportunities identified by the audit team.


Scope of Energy Audit
 Electrical Distribution Network and Transformers  Motive Loads  Illumination System  Compressed Air System  Cooling Tower  Refrigeration System 4

 Boilers  Steam Traps  Steam Distribution  Insulation

Electrical System Network & Transformers
• This would include detailed study of all the Transformer operations of various Ratings / Capacities, their Operational Pattern, Loading, No Load Losses, Power Factor Measurement on the Main Power Distribution Boards and scope for improvement if any. The study would also cover possible improvements in energy metering systems for better control and monitoring. 5

Motive Load
• Study of above 10 HP motors in terms of measurement of Voltage (V), Current (I), Power (kW) and P.F. in a complete cycle, and thereby suggesting measures for energy saving like reduction in size of motors or installation of energy saving device in the existing motors. • Study of Mechanical Power Transmission Systems (Pumps / Fans/ Blower etc.) to evolve suitable recommendations wherever feasible for Energy Efficiency Improvements. 6

Illumination System
• Study of the illumination system, LUX level in various areas, area lighting etc. and suggest measures for improvements and energy conservation opportunity wherever feasible.


Compressed Air System
• The audit would involve analysis of various parameters like Free Air Delivery (FAD) Capacity of the Air Compressors, Leakages in the system, feasibility of Pressure Optimisation etc. wherever feasible /appropriate.


Cooling Towers
• This would include detailed study of the operational performance of the Cooling towers through measurements of temperature differential, air/ water flow rate, to enable evaluate specific performance parameters like approach, efficiency etc.


Refrigeration System
• The audit would involve analysis of various parameters like co-efficient of performance, Tonnage Delivered, Effectiveness of the Ducting and allied systems. Measurement of Specific Energy Consumption i.e. kW/TR of refrigeration, study of Refrigerant Compressors, Chilling Units etc. Further, various measures would be suggested to improve its performance.


Boiler Operations
• Study of Steam Generating Systems their Combustion Performance, Heat Balance, Air to Fuel Ratios, Blow Down Losses etc. and to suggest suitable recommendations for improvements.


Steam Distribution Network (including Traps & Insulation)
• Study of Steam Distribution Network including Layout of the Steam Pipelines, Estimation of Losses etc. to suggest suitable recommendations for improvements. • The steam traps would be checked for its proper functioning. • The study would also include evaluation of the Radiation Losses, Steam Leakages and Insulation Effectiveness. 12

DG Sets
• Study the operations of DG Sets to evaluate their average cost of Power Generation, Specific Energy Generation and subsequently

identify areas wherein energy savings could
be achieved after analysing the operational

practices etc. of the DG Sets.


Instruments Used
 Flue Gas Analyser

 Power Analyser, Tachometer
 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

 Trap Man (For Steam Trap Survey)
 Raytech Gun & Digital Thermometer (Noncontact and Contact type both)  Anemometer, pH/TDS/Conductivity meter  LUX Meter, Digital Manometer 14

Case Study of Energy Audit at Mother Dairy...
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