TASK 1 Case Study MICI Done

Topics: A. C. Gilbert Company, Alfred Carlton Gilbert, Erector Set Pages: 19 (4147 words) Published: January 25, 2015


Case Study




3.Describe the key systems and processes used by AC Gilbert: a. Supply chain
b. Operational systems
c. Product/service delivery.
4.Analyze the three key systems and processes and develop the elements of your review strategy: applying your knowledge of quality management and continuous improvement theory, develop performance and sustainability measures, assessment tools and techniques that you would use to evaluate the effectiveness of the three key systems and processes. In your report, include if applicable:

a. Lists of key result areas (KRAs)
b. Lists of key performance indicators (KPI5)
c. A description of performance review processes
d. A sample service level agreement.
5. Using the data provided for results up to 1966, for each of the three key systems, describe how each of your measures, assessment tools an techniques would monitor performance. Include specific examples of hypothetical cases to test the effectiveness of the elements of your r view strategy. Write an evaluation of the effectiveness of your review strategy. Suggest improvements to your strategy.

Refer to quality management and continuous improvement theory.

6. Using the data provided for results up to 1966, analyze the variance from plans and targets for the key result areas (KRAs). Include discussion on Performance with regards to:

a. quality - design/manufacturing
b. sales
c. profit
d. supply chain performance (delivery)
e. business growth - staff and management performance and/ turnover 7. 1960. Discuss the following in your report: a. market share
b. reputation
c. stability
d. profit
e. sales
f. ability to adapt to change
g. customer service standards
h. innovation
i. employee performance
j. production and manufacturing.

AppIy creativity skills to identify missed opportunities to improve business performance. Describe at least one missed opportunity in detail. Include an action plan for implementing the improvement in your report.


This document is a detailed assessment under project Manage Innovation And Continuous Improvement Task1 i.e. ‘Analyze the information Provided’ through which the researcher needs to demonstrate their capabilities essential for analyzing an existing case study present in the text book in which the main target is the Innovation and improvement. All minute specifications and details about the strategies and enhancing polices are discussed under this literature review. Concluding with the suggestions and recommendations to improvise the existing business policies to make it a profitable venture for the organizations.


The main goals and objectives of this research report is to analyze a detail review regarding the task of managing information and continuous improvement of the business of an existing situation of the company named A.C. Gilbert present in the text book. The researcher’s main purpose will be to provide the organization with a complete and comprehensive innovation plan.

3.Describe the key systems and processes used by AC Gilbert: a. Supply chain
b. Operational systems
c. Product/service delivery

a.Supply ChainThe supply chain process of the A.C.Gilbert company can be eplained by this flowchart

b.Operational System:

This is the complete operational process of the company starting from designing and ending to distribution f toys to the customers.

c.Product /Services Deliver:

A. C. Gilbert produced train sets but their most popular lines were chemistry set microscopes and their best seller, the Meccano-like Erector engineering...
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