Energy Management in the Home

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An outline plan for a home energy management course

Author:John McCreesh

Date:8th December 2008

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 List of Contents
2.1 An Introduction to the Course
2.2 What is Energy?
2.3 Energy Generation
2.4 The Effect of Energy Generation on the Climate
2.5 Where we Use Energy in the House
2.6 Heating
2.7 Water Heating
2.8 Lighting
2.9 Electrical Appliances
2.10 Good Practices
2.11 Renewable Energy Resources
2.12 Course Review and Future Objectives

3.0 Learning Outcomes and Objectives

4.0 Recommended Reading

5.0 Conclusion


The economy of the British Isles has not escaped the brunt of the global recession and many predict a challenging future. At a time when every individual is feeling the pinch, it is the perfect opportunity to educate the public, about energy, energy conservation in the home and how this can reduce electricity and heating bills. For this reason the theme of the course I intend to outline will be specifically targeting Mr Joe Bloggs or Joe the plumber for our American friends.

The title of the course would be “A Householders Guide to Energy and Energy Saving Techniques”. The lectures would focus on simple changes in attitude and lifelong habits that if altered, can reduce the cost of living without having to spend a fortune.

The course would firstly introduce the individual to a simplistic overview of energy and how it is produced. This would be followed by pointing out the main areas of high energy consumption in a dwelling and giving tips on how to reduce the amount of electricity and heat being wasted. The benefits to the environment, climate change and carbon reduction would also be discussed. The person would then be instructed on how to carry out a simple survey of their own home, so they can relate the information they have been given, to their own circumstances. Finally the individual would be asked to compare a weekly, and then quarterly period after changes have been made to their house, to see if there is a significant reduction to the amount of energy consumed. This would encourage the participant to continue practicing energy conservation into the future. Relevant useful websites and literature will be noted as required throughout the course.

Hopefully, after completing the short class the students would be able to implement the knowledge they have received to their own benefit to understand energy and how it can be conserved. When teaching the benefits of reducing energy use, the amount of money that can be saved would always be compared, because as Neil Diamond sang, “Money Talks” and this is a great way of keeping peoples attention.

2.0 List of Course Content

2.1An Introduction to the Course

It is always important when teaching to assume that the topic you are covering is new to the person and they have no previous knowledge of the material being covered. Since the people I am targeting are the general public I will assume that the course is a night class consisting of eight one hour lectures. The format of the lecture would be a period of notes and overheads followed by questioning and discussions on the topic covered. A short introduction to the course should highlight the key areas of interest, the duration of the course, how the information will be relayed and what benefits can arise from taking the class. At this point each person present would be asked what they hoped to achieve from the course. The topics covered would include the following:

2.2 What is Energy

A short description of energy, solar, thermal and specifically heat energy is examined to introduce the concept that, when we flick a light switch on, or use an appliance, electricity is required. An excellent easy to understand analysis of this is covered in the introduction of The Renewable Energy Handbook, by William H. Kemp, section 1.3, which students...
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