Ending a Relationship and Losing a Job

Topics: Difference, Similarity, Termination of employment Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: October 24, 2009
In Canada, the unemployment rate is 8.4 percent, where as the divorce rate in Canada is a soaring 40 percent. Although there is an obvious statistical difference between these two ideas, as well as many general differences, there are also many similarities. The many differences and similarities between these statistics are based mainly on choices, emotions, and routines. This shows that one can come to conclusions by comparing and making distinctions on ending a relationship and losing a job.

One of the first and main similarities between losing a job and ending a relationship is the emotions caused from it. In this case, the emotions could be anger, frustration, and grief. For example, when someone’s significant other breaks up with him or her, this can cause a devastating effect. The distressed emotion this person feels can cause them to make drastic decisions, making the entire situation worse for them. They may try to convince their boyfriend or girlfriend to stay with them, usually without success, and dragging the issue on longer the necessary. This is similar to the effects of losing a job. When someone loses his or her job, whether by choice or unwillingly, their first instinct is to beg or grovel, asking for their job back, even willing to work for a smaller salary or demotion. Solving no problems, people who do this are almost always unsuccessful in getting their job back, embarrass themselves by trying to do so.

Although there are emotional similarities, there is a significant difference when it comes to the financial aspect. A persons new found joblessness will take a major hit to his or hers wallet. This is because the primary source of income from a job is no longer present, and will need to be replaced quickly. But the opposite is true when it comes to ending a relationship. If a couple was living together, and were financially joined, there would most likely be freed up money by ending the relationship. It is expensive to be in a...
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