Encouraging Children to be Honest

Topics: Lie, Truth, Question Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Kimberly Stokley
Professor A
English 111-4849
7 April 2014
Encouraging Children to be Honest
Children often lie to parents, teachers and other children. The problem of lying needs to be addressed by the children’s parents. Parents should encourage their children to be honest. My mother always said “Tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because honesty is the best policy.” The problem of lying children needs to be solved because once a liar, always a liar. Meaning if children don’t understand the importance of honesty, and continue to lie without discipline, they will continue to have bad influences.

It is best to keep an honest relationship with young children. If that relationship starts early, then it will have a great influence when the child becomes a teenager. Parents will not have to sneak around to find out information on their children. When parents and children are honest with one another then they build a trust worthy relationship. This way a parent can know what is going on, while being a good role model. With a honest relationship, children can have a sense of faithfulness in their parents. Faith in parents proves to lead to children having an open relationship with adults.

Children begin learning important information at a young age, leading to development in their personality and character. Honest children will grow up to be honest adults, who have a sense of right and wrong. When children are honest, it allows the parents to reduce the amount of worry and discipline. This would decrease the crime rate and allow more people to trust one another. The world needs more honest people in order to be successful. The solution proposal is for parents to be honest to their children, so that the children can be honest people when they grow up. In an honest world nobody would cheat, steal, or lie. This is the best solution because when everyone is honest, no secrets are kept. Although if a child asks a question about sex,...
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