Enabling Learning Through Assessment

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Enabling Learning through Assessment

To enable learning is to equip and facilitate the learner with all the necessary skills required to understand and retain knowledge. One way in which the teacher can ensure that learning has taken place is through the medium of assessment – to evaluate what the learner has taken on board.

Assessment methods help form a vital stage of a learner’s journey helping them to draw on skills they have acquired, and aids in the consolidation of the knowledge learnt. From the perspective of the teacher – assessment gives the advantage to better understand the learner’s level of knowledge and understanding relating to a given topic. This understanding feeds into to assist in the tailoring of each class alongside the teaching style to best include and cater for all learners regardless of their learning style or speed.

In the area of Painting and Decorating, as well as all other subject areas, there are many different ways that one can assess learners. With each assessment there are three main stages that the learner will engage with in their journey; and these stages are the initial, formative and summative stage. These three stages are used at different times throughout a course to help inform the teacher on a range of matters. When beginning a course it is essential to assess the students previous level of learning or experience in order to gauge the student’s current level of knowledge in the given subject area. Once this information is obtained the teacher is then equipped to effectively adapt the teaching style to meet their learning needs and ensure the inclusion of all students, so that they might achieve the best outcome in all stages of the learning process. The use of the initial assessment can be demonstrated in a range of ways, and adjusted to meet the skill level of the learners. Some may be new to the learning process therefore it can be useful to keep this stage of assessment informal, so not to cause too much...
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