Enabling and Assessing Learning

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The assessment process in a teaching environment is a necessary requirement to enable you to be able to measure a student’s knowledge and understanding. Assessments come in many different forms and use many different methods, each are important in obtaining an outcome to which the tutor can obtain positive outcomes.
Gravells (2008) suggests that assessment is a process of determining if learning has taken place. Gravells (2008) adds that assessment enables the assessor to find out if a learner has gained the required skills and knowledge needed at a given point towards a course or qualification. This is important to me as a tutor as I need to be aware of the learner’s progress and if they have retained any of the information / training they have been given.
Initial assessment
Lesley Thorn Training Standards Council (2001) states that Assessment should not be something that is done to somebody. The learner must be involved and feel part of the process. As a tutor the initial assessment is essential; this assessment enables you to get to know your learners which will in turn enable you to support them appropriately. For some learners this will be an opportunity to explain any concerns or worries they may have either relating to the course or any personal issues that may affect their ability to learn. The initial assessment should be beneficial to the learners and should help them to feel positive about their capability to learn. As a tutor it is vital that you identify the learner’s needs, this could be numeracy, literacy or any areas of learning that will need to be addressed. At this stage a basic functional skills test is beneficial to enable you to work out what level a learner is at. You must know what the learner requires as this will be used to plan the course and measure the learners development. The initial assessment procedure takes place prior to

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