Ptlls Assignment 4

Topics: Education, Learning, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: April 19, 2013
City & Guilds PTLLS Course - Tusar SenGupta - 28/03/11

Week 9 – Practical Assessment 4 – Evaluate the teaching and learning approaches and effectiveness of resources for your observed session. Evaluate how your session met the needs of individual learners. My session was called “Introduction to COSHH”. I planned the lesson to be effective and take into account of and respect learner differences. I introduced the course and agreed ground rules and Health and Safety. This promoted effective classroom management. Language skills were required to listen to and understand instructions. I explained the meaning of COSHH and made sure learners were aware of the objectives. I then used these teaching methods: Role play/simulation & discussion

This allowed me to include several methods with opportunities for teacher led and learner centred activities. “Role-play is very useful in developing the ‘interpersonal skills’ of learners… It gives learners an opportunity to practice skills in a risk-free environment. It is also useful as an empathy activity where feelings and attitudes are being explored.” (Geoff Petty) I utilised this by instilling a realistic sense of panic and emergency into the role-play and asked everyone to make a quick decision. People responded well because Role-play is ideal for visual learners. Language skills were also used in listening to and getting involved in the role play and discussion. Lecture with Power-point presentation

Power-point is good tool but should not be over used. It doesn’t suit all learning styles, so Power-point only formed a part of my lesson. “PowerPoint can be used to teach new ideas and concepts to students. In theory this sounds very good; however, in practice this can be tricky. The teacher must anticipate areas of misunderstanding and difficulty. Once the teacher knows the troubles, which the students will face, he or she can create or adapt a presentation for the students. The presentation must be clear and...

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