EN1320 Unit 5 Exercise 1 Guided Reading

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Chapter 10
What is the typical organization of an argument essay?
An introduction that states the issue then an objective summary of the opposing views followed by a point-by-point discussion of their limitations. Then a summary of your viewpoint with a point-by-point discussion that strengthens your position, and then lastly a conclusion. What are points of contention and how do you identify them?

The points of contention are the two to five most important issues on which you disagree with the other side. The best way to figure these out is brainstorming, try to see things from their perspective. Why is it important to know the stance of your opposition?

You need to know what you are trying to argue so you can identify your strengths and weaknesses of your position and to be able to build your case against the opposing viewpoints. What is the difference between argument and research writing?

An argumentative essay is more subjective and usually controversial where you are trying to prove that one side is better than the other. A research paper is presenting facts about a topic. Chapter 24

What is a good way to start the research process?
Define your research question, develop a working thesis, devise a research plan, collect sources, assess the reliability of each source, triangulate facts among the sources, determine whether facts verify working thesis, and lastly either accept or modify working thesis. Why is it important to have a sharp research question?

It will help you narrow the scope of your research thus saving you time and effort by allowing you to target the best of sources and information. What is a working thesis? How is this used in research?

Defining your research question or hypothesis. It is your best guess about how you will answer your research question, it is your overall claim about your topic. What are the key elements of a research plan? Why is it necessary for researchers to have a research plan?

Research question,...
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